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Dmitry studying in the comfort of his room.

Dmitry Romanov

Residence: Lake Charles, La.

Current City Status: 2

Known Info:Edit

Dmitry arrived in Lake Charles in October of 2005 after Hurricane Katrina and quickly made friends with the ruling Prince of the city upon his arrival. With the recomindation from Prince Talon of New Orleans Dmitry has been allowed to sit in on Kindred meetings and occasionally voices his opinion.

The Kindred of the city do not know exactly what Dmitry is aside from the fact that he is not a Kindred. What they do know is: That he commands a vast knowledge of supernatural creatures and phenomenon. He appears to be human yet Kindred seem to have no intrest in feeding on him. He supposedly has a small bookstore located somewhere in the city though no one thus far has been able to find it. And those that try to remember his apperance or location often have a difficult time.

There was one strange incident that some remember in 2009 when during the pursuit of a bloodhunted Kindred a gas station exploded apparently incinerating Dmitry's body who had been shot several times that night. Dmitry appeared in court two weeks later as if nothing had happened.

Dmitry is known for being slightly detatched from the politics of the Kindred community though he takes an active role in many of the Prince's missions. The Prince seems willing to tolerate Dmitry if not occasionally enjoy his presence.

He stands 5'11 with shoulder length red hair and reddish brown eyes. Often attending court well dressed Dmitry will usually choose to observe Kindred politics without interfering but when something exciting happens most Kindred notice that Dmitry tags along 'just for the hell of it. On the very rare occasions when Dmitry is asked what he thinks about a specific situation most Kindred know all they will hear is the word, "Meh."

During court Dmitry can often be found lounging on something or at least slouching.


1. Dmitry is in constant contact with other supernatural creatures besides Kindred.

2. Dmitry is either very lucky, able to survive explosions, or has the ability to rise from the dead.

3. Dmitry may be much older than he seems to be.

4. Dmitry may have a rather annoying amount of information on Kindred covenants.

5. Dmitry has spent a lot of time with the Lancea Sanctum in New Orleans and may worship the Dark Prophet.

6. The last Kindred that tried to feed on Dmitry's blood threw up uncontrolably for an hour.

7. No one has been able to find Dmitry's home because it exists in between worlds.

8. Dmitry often sneaks off to talk to himself.

OOC Knowledge: BackgroundEdit

Dmitry Romanov was born in 1890 in Yekaterinburg, Russia. He, the bastard son of Nicholas II and a servant in his home, was allowed to live within the walls of the palace as a servant and bookkeeper. This was a quiet and meager existence but one that Dmitry preferred. A life unnoticed and comfortable.

But it was not until 1904 at the arrival of a strange and long bearded man at the palace that Dmitry’s life began to change. Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin began his stint as the healer of young Alexei who Dmitry knew to be constantly ill. At the age of 14 it was Dmitry who caught the old wizard’s eye.

Already knowledgeable in the books of old and new Dmitry was, in Rasputin’s opinion, perfect for training in the dark arts. Under his tutelage Dmitry would learn secrets that no other would learn and be introduced to a world that few would ever dare to trespass.

In 1914, when Dmitry was 24 years of age Rasputin passed on the knowledge of a ritual so secretive that even the most knowledgeable in the ways of sorcery and witchcraft knew little to nothing about it. A ritual suicide that was the secret to immortality.

So it was that in the summer of 1914 that Dmitry became one of the purified. As such he was to continue on as Rasputin’s ward, collecting his works and informing him of the oddities of the royal family. And in return Rasputin introduced him to a world in which few dared to trespass and a population with a growing need for blood. With glowing recommendations from his master Dmitry made quick friends with the newly traveled Lord Alexander and the other monarchical Kindred. This was his life. His family the rulers of the mortal countryside and he the apprentice of the master of the night. At least for two more years.

Rasputin was eventually killed by Prince Yusupov after being determined to be a threat to the royal family. Dmitry was in the palace’s library when he heard the news of his master’s death. For blood shed he wept openly with his half brother Alexei. Days went by as Dmitry hoped that this was some clever act by his master. That he would return any second and sweep him away to a new land with new possibilities. This was not to be. Rasputin the dark and prideful had never dared to dream that he could be killed. Such was his hubris, such was his way. This, of course, would not be the last tragedy in Dmitry’s life.

So it came on the faithful day of July 17th 1918 that Dmitry and his family were murdered. No one noticed the missing man in the pile of corpses. No one even remembered that he should have been there. All the Bolsheviks knew was that the Tsar was dead along with his family.

Dmitry, however, was beyond death. Escaping to the soon to be Romania with his Invictus friend Lord Sebastian Alexander the boy became determined to leave his old life behind lest he eventually meet the same fate as his family. And soon after Dmitry decided that Europe was no longer to his taste, mostly if not entirely due to the growing concerns of the Red pressing their influence wherever they could find ears willing or open. There in he traveled to America and was complacent to sit and learn in peace and quiet.

But his new country was soon in need of soldiers. And, much to Dmitry’s annoyance, the price of having a new identity was that recruiters came quite promptly. And some of them were not as they seemed.

Dmitry was recruited by an strange sorcerer by the name of Cpt. James Steward. He along with his recruits were to perform a special mission. To defeat the German army and stop Hitler’s advances in the realm of the supernatural. Along with James Steward the squad consisted of Sfc. Vincent Crescent, a Kindred who had a particular hatred for Fascism, 2Lt. Niels Faraday, a Werewolf who just so happened to be Jewish and really pissed off most of the time, Lt. Abraham Zeeks, a taller if not more personable Werewolf with a morbid sense of humor who led them in good times and bad, and 2Lt. William LaRouge, a Kindred pyromaniac who was not very fond anyone in particular but was an amazing shot with a M1.

Then there was Dmitry, AKA Sfc. Mikhail Shestova…or Micky as they would usually call him. Micky didn’t do much fighting though he was certainly involved when the bullets started flying. But it was Micky’s knowledge of the occult that kept him on the team. With his team Micky fought Nazi’s from D-Day till Hitler’s…suicide.

Not many knew of the truth of Hitler’s attempt to become an Immortal. Fewer still were in the position to stop it. As it turns out the suicide ritual is not the safest way to become an immortal. The attempt failed and the Russian and American teams reached the body at about the same time…much to each of their surprise. The ensuing firefight was equally as harrowing as reaching the bunker. Luckily good old Micky just happened to know the Invictus leading the Russians. Lord Sebastian Alexander who was forced into Russian service, this by the Carthians/Socalists who had taken over the political landscape of Russia after the Tsar’s death, was more that willing to stop shooting at his old friend. Particularly if he stands up in the middle of a firefight, runs into the middle of the room, starts waving his hands around, and screams “Damn it Sebastian! Don’t you think I‘m a little tired of Russians shooting at me!”

Within weeks Dmitry had his life back and was back on his way to America where he subsequently made his way to New Orleans. There he fell into the good graces of Bishop Langsly Adams, with a little help from his friend, who often spent many a night asking for tales from the western front. He did little in this time aside from study and occasionally solve a wandering spirit’s problem.

It was not until Hurricane Katrina and the ensuing chaos that Dmitry decided to move to a smaller city. There he found himself in Lake Charles. Quickly earning the tolerance of the factions for his knowledge and ability to stay out of power struggles Dmitry became a known member of the city. Though the vampires of the city knew that he was no good in a fight they mostly kept him around because he turned out to be useful every once and a while…or at least as useful as a non Kindred could be. None of them are quite sure what he is or how he magically showed up again the next court meeting after they watched him get blown up that one time.

So here Dmitry stays. Quiet, unassuming, and watchful. Always learning and always trying to stay out of trouble. The latter never seems to work out for him though Lord Alexander never tires of his friend’s constant complaining about how much worse Lake Charles is when compared to London. “Oh, how terrible it must be to put up with the Queen and Parliament. All the while I’m stuck here watching the fucking Patriot for the fifth God Damn time. Its not even historically accurate!” “…You could just change the channel Dmitry.” “What and miss British people getting stabbed? I think not. Fucking cockney‘s.”

Dmitry passes the time reading rare books in his home/bookstore. He does this alone and uninterrupted mostly because somehow everyone who actually goes looking for his store ends up getting lost on the way. “It’s a fabulous defensive mechanism…but it’s not very good for business.”


"What are you going to do? Kill me?"


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