Lord Sebastian AlexanderEdit


Residence: London, England

London City Status: 4

Clan: Ventrue

Covenant: Invictus

Known InfoEdit

Lord Sebastian Alexander hails from the German Capital of Berlin. He was turned during the reign of Otto Eduard Leopold von Bismarck though the exact date is not known. It is said that Lord Alexander had significant pull within the regime and that the unification of Germany would have been merely a pipe dream without the voice of Alexander.

Details are sketchy but at some point in the early 1900’s Lord Alexander moved to Russia only to be caught up in events that lead to the death of the Romanov line. Soon after he moved to Romania and then was blackmailed by Russian Carthians who had adopted Communism as their social experiment.

He was then forced back to Russia and stayed up through WWII. Afterwards Lord Alexander left Russia when he was abducted by MI6 agents and carted off to London.

Ever since Lord Alexander has served as Prince Waynright’s loyal Seneschal.


1. Lord Alexander may have saved someone from the massacre of the Romanov's in 1918.

2. There are rumors that Lord Alexander may have led a team of Kindred, Werewolves, and Mages during WWII to combat Hitler's growing supernatural army.

3. Evidence suggests that Lord Alexander was a spy for the British government during and leading up to WWII.

4. Lord Alexander may know the identities of several members of VII.

5. During slow days in court Lord Alexander is rumored to sneak off by himself and have conversations via cell phone with a man named Dmitry.

6. Lord Alexander has a burning hatred for Communism and Carthians.

7. There may be a secret league of assasins that Lord Alexander uses for political and personal gain.

8. Lord Alexander is not a nice man.

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